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City Cast - HTML newsletter templates

Newsletter templates built to deliver news and goings on across multiple cities

Project Type: Newsletter Template

Involvement: Build & Integrate

City Cast were launching a new podcast and newsletter with the aim of helping people connect with the cities they love so they required a series of templates that could accommodate a unique colourway, header and footer for each city. In addition to this, they also needed a shorter version tailored to the weekend’s news and events as well as a transactional template for direct communications.

Accessibility and dark mode were essential requirements as well as being responsive so people could read their news on their mobile devices.

It was initially integrated across multiple Mailchimp accounts using Mailchimp’s custom templating language but shortcomings forced them to migrate to a new platform and I’m happy to say that they’re still loving their templates!

Working closely with City Cast's team

I worked closely with their design and content teams to make sure assets were delivered at the right sizes and to make sure they work in both light and dark mode, as well as checking newsletter length to make sure they didn’t fall foul of Gmail’s 102kb filesize limit which would lead to a truncated email.

Dark mode in desktop and mobile responsive views

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