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Weel (formerly DiviPay) - Newsletter and transactional email templates

Email design, build and Hubspot integration for an upcoming rebrand including a new name change and logo!

Project Type: Modular Email Template

Involvement: Design, Build & Integrate

Weel were going through a rebrand including a new logo and needed an up to date redesign of all their email assets including newsletters, customer acquisition, transactional emails and personal templates, and they needed to be integrated into Hubspot Enterprise.

No drag and drop? No worries!

Hubspot doesn’t provide a drag and drop interface for templates made up of custom HTML modules (at the time of this project) but as Hubspot’s templating language is so good, I instead developed a method of allowing the editor to define the number of module slots needed and then choose the modules for each slot.

It means that we can use all the goodness of Hubspot’s templating language (Hubl) such as custom fields, template logic and DRY templating while being in control of what is added to each email.

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